Charging fashion handbags

Have you encountered such a situation: the evening away from home, friends are not around, the phone happened to no electricity? Want to say goodbye to such a predicament, the new charging handbag can help you. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that the British launched a new online shopping site Firebox super multifunctional handbag, you can charge for your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Charging hand bag in ensuring its stylish appearance, it is also able to meet customer demand charge anytime, anywhere. The texture of leather replica bags, there are three colors to choose from. Handbag with built-in high-capacity battery charger that can charge the phone twice to ensure the electricity required for all smart phones USB ports (including the iPhone). To charge the battery pack for the hand, you only need to connect the device to a computer hand bag can easily get. Not only that, this handbag charging device also features LED indicators, ready to remind you the remaining power.

In addition to this handbag with charging function, there is enough space to place out essential items such as credit cards, keys, cosmetics and so on. The handbag is priced at 84.99 pounds. With this handbag, you can enjoy using your phone without having to worry about running out.